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Avaya Receives $64 Million Contract from United States Air Force

Friday, May 14th, 2010

via TMC Net

Avaya Government Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avaya Inc., won a major re-compete contract from the United States Air Force to provide information assurance, network assessment and network engineering support for the Scope Enterprise Design Guidance and Evaluation Project.

The continued security and operation of U.S. Air Force network resources around the world are made certain with the help of Scope EDGE.

Valued at approximately $64 million, the new contract covers a one year term with provisions for four, one-year extension options.

Avaya Government Solutions has been a prime contractor for the GSA (News – Alert) Alliant contract and the Scope EDGE contract was awarded as a part of the GSA Alliant contract.

Network performance tuning, network compliance assessment, data gathering and other IT services for Air Force network systems will be provided by Avaya. Also, the responsibility for providing network compliance and optimization services, as well as quick response maintenance to Air Force network control centers, operations and security centers, and major command communications coordination centers throughout the continental United States and abroad will be taken care of by Avaya.

“Avaya Government Solutions has proudly supported the U.S. Air Force Scope EDGE project for eight years,” said Joel Hackney (News – Alert), Senior Vice President & President, Avaya Data and Government Solutions. “Our continuing relationship is a testament to the Air Force’s confidence in our ability to provide the highest level of technology and support as a key network design and guidance partner.”

Being a network-centric integrator, Avaya Government Solutions provides the services expertise, mission-critical systems and secure communications that empower government to ensure the security, livelihood, and well being of its citizens.

Avaya Government Solutions headquartered in Fairfax, Va., offers a one-stop shop for solutions designed to improve workforce productivity, reduce operating costs, and streamline inter-agency communications.

In related news, Avaya has announced that it has enhanced the Avaya Connect channel training and certification programs in order to make them more affordable and less time consuming.

10 Ways to Improve Your Business Operations

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

by George Rodriguez for

Every new day gives you a chance to move forward from your present situation. You can improve your business on a number of fronts: by increasing profits, reducing losses, getting more customers, expanding the markets, becoming more visible in the community, going public or a number of other items deemed desirable.

You must have a vision of what you want to achieve, where you want to go, and what you want the business to become. Learn ten ways you can improve your business:

1. Start the year in high gear. Take a notebook (or a laptop or PDA) and jot down your thoughts and plans for the year. It’s the time to get excited to the prospects of this New Year! List down ideas on new product lines, or new projects that you want to take on. Write down your ideas on how to expand and energize your business. Only through innovation and continuing adoption of relevant new products and ideas can your business improve its competitiveness and profitability. Start the ball rolling with financers, lenders and bankers if you need to take on additional capital.

2. Dust off your business plans. Review, review and review your business plan. See how far (or little) your business has taken shape from your original idea. Many entrepreneurs write a business plan at the start, only to forget about it. Some stray away from their plans – and fail. Go find your business plans and update it. Since your business’ inception, a number of factors must have changed – from the overall business climate to your product line. Take all those changes into consideration, factor in your and your family’s goals, and get a clear assessment of the direction of your business. Get in touch with your business advisers, if any.

3. Rekindle your relationship with your customers. The start of the year is the perfect time to tap your customer database
and get in touch with your existing customers. Whether by phone, email or letter, contact your customers to greet them “Happy New Year!” and remind them that your business is ready to serve them this year. You need to constantly look for ways to encourage repeat business. Although marketing and advertising are important to get more customers, quality, service and customer satisfaction are what keep a business successful in the long run.

4. Evaluate your pricing. Think about raising your rates. Now is the appropriate time to inform clients that your rates are going up. Just be sure to check out what the competition’s doing and make sure your prices or rates aren’t too low. You don’t want to overprice yourself out of the market, yet you should not bear the burden of a cash flow shortage. Give your customers a month or two advance notice should you decide to increase your rates.

5. Find ways to cut your costs. Even if you have secured funding from investors, you need to constantly look for ways to reduce your costs. From making double-sided paper copies to ordering shipping supplies in bulk, you can reduce wasted material, effort, and time in making, selling, and delivering your product. The result is an improvement in your company’s bottom line and an increased competitive advantage.

6. Resolve to improve your weak spots. Take stock of all aspects of your business operation and list down the areas that you want to improve. If your list of delinquent receivables is longer than Santa’s list, find out how you can improve your billing and collection process. Perhaps you need to improve your record keeping to help flag you on delinquent accounts.

7. Institute measures to assess the performance of your business. Setting clear standards for your business allows you to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your strategies. If you haven’t done so in the past year, start determining how much you are making per hour of work, how effective your advertising is, and some other measurements of where your business has been. Set some benchmarks and periodically assess how your business is doing. You need to know what you consider an improvement before you can start to improve on it.

8. Keep employees involved. Good employees are hard to find; yet they are an important element in your business. Check to see if they are getting what they need and make them part of the team. Help them understand the importance of their role in your business and how their job impacts the business as a whole. Review your relationship with your employees and find ways to keep your relationship happy and avoid costly attrition.

9. Explore new markets or improve marketing. Start the year by exploring new markets for your business. Whether you are looking at targeting a new demographic or getting your business up on the web, take time to plan how you can expand your existing market. Look for ways to improve your marketing, whether by winning easy publicity, arranging an open house or preparing direct mails.

10. Find out how you can live a more balanced life. Work and business are not the be-all and end-all of your life. Learn to have fun! Spend more time with your family. Take a vacation once in a while. Engage in activities that will rejuvenate your spirit and your life. Take care of yourself, and your health. Your productivity and focus will improve if you are stress-free and healthy.

Office voice mail system – proving advantageous to different offices

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

via Big News

Loosing important business calls due to busy tones or unattended calls is a problem that is troublesome to many small business enterprises. Services like t1 internet services, Internet telephone, Office voice mail system and Office voice mail system have become quite popular now-a-days. Office voice mail systems allow callers to deliver their messages in the voice mail boxes. It reduces the chances of missing any important business deal. Multiple calls can be handled all together with these amenities in your office phone systems

Office voicemail system is usually associated with PBX phone system. These services in your Office phone systems will let you handle business calls proficiently when you are in the office or even when you are traveling. Office voice mail systems send the messages of your callers to your personality voice mail boxes or send it to you through email. If you are busy or not in a position to attend the calls, the voicemail systems will let your callers reach you and convey their messages, any time.

Hosted PBX systems with auto attendant capability direct callers to voice mail, when you are not available to attend the call. This assure that your callers are not kept waiting, listening to line busy tones. Every call will be instinctively attended and greeted with a professional sounding message. Additional, the callers can hear friendly messages while the calls are transferred to appropriate numbers or extensions. If the required person is not available at the provided extension numbers, the call is transferred to the system, where the caller can leave his message.

You can offer individual voicemail boxes to each and every employee of your workplace. The received messages can be checked at any time and the caller can be contacted and queries answered. Small office voicemail systems are vast additions for any small business enterprise; since they guarantee that you will never miss any official call, and give you the freedom to work in any preferred location.

It is a known fact that several phone and voice mail system necessitates resources like software, handsets, wiring for their suitable functioning. All of these factors need to be considered in advance or else it can generate a loss of mess in communicating with respective clients. Comcast Voice Mail can be a productive decision before finalizing any office voice mail system as it considers all business needs while cutting the extra expenses on the telecom equipments.