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Explaining The Types Of DS3 Bandwidth In Simple Easy To Understand Terms

by FreedomFire Com

Too often the less informed confuse DS3 bandwidth with DSL when searching for a solution for their business’s voice/data network infrastructure.  This is especially true of a business without an inhouse IT specialist.  Since these broadband circuits are completely different … when searching for a DS3 network solution you need to understand what DS3 bandwidth means in simple terms you can relate to.

First, DS3 (or also called T3) has nothing to do with the service you plan to put over it. It is simply a 45 Megabit SONET Layer 1 protocol connection.   This just means you’re getting a lot of capability for your money.  In other words DS3 bandwidth brings more to the table … allowing your business to do much more (e.g. multi-media, video-conferencing).

The types of DS3 bandwidth you have available to you are ……

1. Full DS3 Bandwidth -

A DS3 line has 28 times the bandwidth of a T1 line (most common small line for businesses) …. so it will carry more traffic and deliver a faster response time when on your netowrk since you are not having to wait your turn as long with a T1.  It typically costs ten times the cost of a T1 depending on the location you want to install it.

Think of it as you have a car that can go 45 miles an hour.

2. Fractional DS3 Bandwidth -

A Fractional DS3 line has from 3-10 times the bandwidth of a T1.  But if you need to scale to 28 times …. it will not take much time to do so.  It will be a simple software change since the circuit has already been delivered. Fractional DS3 bandwidth obviously costs proportionally less than a full DS3 line.

Think of it as you have a car that can go 45 miles an hour …. but it has a governor set at 20. It’s easy to remove the governor, it just costs more money if you do.

3. Burstable DS3 Bandwidth -

A burstable DS3 line can provide up to 28 times the speed of a T1 …. but if you are bursting all of the time it will become more expensive than a full DS3 and you should upgrade.   A burstable DS3 line is cost effective if you need more than a T1 …. and only occassionally need up to a DS3.

Think of it as you have a car that can go 45 miles an hour …. and you pay extra for every mile an hour you drive over 20.

4. Point-To-Point DS3 Bandwidth -

A Point-To-Point DS3 line provides 28 T1’s worth of bandwidth between two offices (locations).   A point-to-point DS3 line is a very secure dedicated circuit.

Think of it as your car can go 45 miles an hour from Miami, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia and back. No where else. However there’s no traffic but you … and you can carry sensitive cargo without any concerns.

Now the above is a very basic explanation of the types of DS3 bandwidth you can choose from.  The details are much more technical … but at least you get the point.

If you want help deciding what type of DS3 bandwidth package best fits your specific business network application(s) …. I encourage you to take advantage of the free assistance offered via DS3 Bandwidth Solutions.

Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications …. including DS3 Bandwidth Solution.  Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you’re always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.


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