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Corporate Telephone Answering Service

by johnkinskey1

When the call volume in your office rises up unexpectedly, a corporate telephone answering service will help you manage the situation efficiently. Customer satisfaction contributes much to your business.  This phone service provided in integration with PBX phone systems manages all inbound and outbound calls in an office in a cost-efficient manner.

 An Able Substitute for a Live Receptionist

 Reliable customer care service is the driving force of any business establishment. A corporate telephone answering service ideally serves as an alternative for a live receptionist. All calls are handled in a professional manner. When calls are made to your office, you can engage your callers with pleasant music, greeting messages and interactive voice responses that would appeal to them and give them a sense of importance. If you are busy or not in a position to attend calls, these calls can be redirected to your voice mail boxes after effective communication with the callers. Since this unique answering service carries out all the functions of a live receptionist, you don’t need to appoint additional staff in your office.

 Impressive Call Management Features

 With a corporate telephone answering service, you can have 24/7 call answering service. You can manage calls, operate your business from anywhere and impress your callers, by making use of its advanced call management features which include:

  • Call recording for all calls
  • Live telephone answering
  • Call screening facility
  • Call forwarding
  • Facility to forward messages through SMS to your mobile or email
  • Voicemail services


Low Investment Features

 Corporate telephone answering service helps you save on the costs of employing live receptionists for attending calls. The cost involved in implementing this service is very low. Since the service is operated by the service providers, you can also enjoy considerable savings on the cost of maintaining expensive PBX equipment in your office.

 Corporate telephone answering service is scalable and can therefore meet the future demands of your expanding business.  This service can be efficiently integrated with local and toll free numbers.


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