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BT Expands its Hosted IP Telephony Service to Business Customers in the U.S.

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

By Vinti Vaid, TMCnet Contributor
BT announced the expansion of its hosted Internet Protocol telephony service to business customers in the U.S. 

The service uses BT (NewsAlert) and Cisco’s cloud computing-based technologies to bring converged voice, mobile and data services to every desktop in an organization. The service which was launched in 2009 has already seen success with several business organizations in the U.K.

Based on Cisco’s (NewsAlert) Hosted Unified Communications Services platform and BT’s Onevoice UCC portfolio, the service can be used by business organizations in reducing upfront investment costs if they are looking at adoption of unified communications on a global scale.

The hosted IP telephony is a collaborative offer based service. It has been designed for rapid deployment and the services can be extended to both large and small sites. Through these services, BT now offers its customers significant savings as well as operational predictability.

Robert F. Mason, principal research analyst at Gartner and author of Market Clock for Communications Services said that as a service, UC makes it possible to evaluate functionality and potential productivity benefits of a UC implementation without having to invest upfront for an on-premises solution.

BT and Cisco’s collaboration providing cloud-based unified communications system can help businesses reduce capital expenditure, enhance communication and introduce productivity enhancing tools says Neil Sutton, vice president, global portfolio, BT Global Services (NewsAlert). He added that the extension of their services to the U.S market was a milestone achievement for BT. 

Barry O’Sullivan (NewsAlert), senior vice president, Voice Technology Group, Cisco, noted that the company was excited about the potential and prospects that will rise as a result of the expansion of BT into new global markets. He further added that both BT and Cisco were partners in the unified vision of providing customers with flexible deployment models leading to reduction in costs while enhancing communications across any business organization.

BT Conferencing recently announced addition of Kontiki (NewsAlert) video platform.