MANAGED LEASES We are here to make you grow
Managed Leases simplifies the telecom management of leading enterprises from coast to coast. We provide service for major retailers and call centers to hospitals across the nation!

All you need is just one call and Managed Leases will take care of all aspects of a telephone system installation. From add/move/change or service calls, which includes vendor scheduling to Telco Coordination, Voice/Data Wiring, End-user Training, and Follow- Ups.

Managed Leases works with Qualified National Dealer Affiliates nationwide to service our valued customers and assure that work is scheduled with our most qualified affiliate in each region.

Managed Leases Vendor Flexibly gives you the opportunity to work with a local vendor. We gladly invite that existing relationship by dispatching the existing local vendor. If not, we have a proven network of over 1000 dealer affiliates who are the best in this business.
  Tier-3 engineers stand by to address any problems you may have.
  Managed Leases direct channel of communication delivers customer service with ease.
  Our representative has full knowledge of your system.
With Managed Leases you won’t have to deal with tons of different people or feel as if you’re going on a merry go-round just to find the right person to help you. As our valued customer you will appreciate the clarity of communication through a single point of contact that accesses you to our comprehensive support. We ensure you that our representative who answers your call understands your account information and system layout.
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